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Sami Saeed

Hello, there!

My name is Sami Saeed, and I'm your 46th SMOB! I am dedicated to representing all the diverse voices of students across MCPS, so all of your concerns are my concerns too.

I look forward to meeting and interacting with all of you during my time, and make sure to contact me if you have any questions or concerns!

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About Me

When asked who I am, I always struggle to find a clear answer. Though, If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be determined. Even though I'm always balancing a number of activities at once, I never lose sight of my overarching goal, which is simply to make this world a better place. With everything I say and do, I want to leave behind a more equitable and inclusive society than what was handed to me. I want to be a voice for those who are left out of the conversation, and a beacon of hope for communities that have been historically unrepresented.

So when you think of the name Sami Saeed, think of the candidate that will represent the DCC and other unrepresented parts of MCPS. Think of the candidate who will set out to find realistic solutions to the opportunity gap. Think of the candidate that will increase the use of surveys and polls, the candidate that will advocate for our environment, lower your workload and pave the way for a first class education. And always remember, the i in Sami stands for innovation.

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As a lifelong resident of Montgomery County, and a student who has attended Montgomery County Public Schools for 12 years, I have seen first hand exactly how our schools operate and what needs to be done to improve them. I want to ensure that I am offering realistic solutions to the most pressing problems, and focusing on issues that actually matter to students. As an Arab-American and a child of immigrant parents, the struggles of students who come from a rich and diverse background have always been the key group I've aimed to support. So whether it be mental health support, reducing student's workload, or reforms to our curriculums, voicing the concerns of students across MCPS to the Board of Education continues to be my main focus that I will fully commit to as your Student Member of the Board.


My vision for what MCPS could be has always been to become to the most progressive, innovative and equitable county in the United States. While MCPS boasts a number of accomplishments aimed at achieving that title, we still have a long way to go. As a SMOB, I envision a county where every MCPS student has access to adequate mental health supports so that no student is held back by mental health struggles. I envision a county where every student can be taught by teachers who look like them, where every student can take classes they are actually interested in, where every student can eat school lunches that are both nutritious and delicious, and a county where all students are treated fairly and equitable. I envision a county that truly represents the finest education the world has to offer.


School President


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  • Skills is running a large population of students (Over 2,400)

  • Planned and hosted fundraisers

    • Raised over 3000 cans

    • Collected hundreds of articles of clothing and books

  • Focused on listening to diverse student voices

    • Creating surveys and polls for students to decide events/policies​

    • Interacting face to face with student groups, and getting first hand views on assessing problems and finding solutions   

  • Working with fellow officers, clubs and organizations

    • Hosting MCR/MCJC General Assembly​

    • Organizing two successful club fairs

    • Working with the Minority Scholars program to find solutions to the opportunity gap

  • Experienced in leadership roles

    • Held the position of sophomore class president before becoming school president

    • Delegating different committees and officers​

    • Creating ideas for events and hosting them

    • Helped raise awareness for issues and fundraisers mediate the

Commission on Youth and Children


  • County-wide position focused on incorporating youth voices

    • Bringing issues students care about into the forefront of the discussion​

  • Working with county officials 

    • Engaging in important conversations about the state of our County​

  • Researching and implementing policies to benefit MCPS

    • Including a finical literacy class into the MCPS curriculum​

    • Implemetning strategies to help ESOL students across MCPS

Past SMOB Advisory Councils


  • Direct experience working with our current SMOB

    • Overseeing how policies are implemented in MCPS​

    • Aiding the SMOB in their duties

  • Receiving student perspectives

    • Facilitating student discussions on issues in their schools​

    • Inquiring about problems at specific schools and the communities within those schools

  • Constructing unquiet solutions to problems​

    • Researching MCPS policy and how it can be changed to aid students​

    • Proposing new innovative solutions to the most pressing problems 

MASC Workshop Presenter


  • Constructed a workshop to present to students across Maryland

    • Focused on efficient methods to running a campaign

  • Experienced Public Speaker

    • Communicating information to students across the state​

    • Facilitating activates

    • Presenting and attending multiple workshops 

  • Expanding outreach ​

    • Conversing with students from different counties​

    • Reflecting on solutions in other counties that could be implemented in MCPS

County Debate Champion


  • Research

    • Spent months investigating a wide range of topics​

    • Developed skills in accessing information

    • Formulated arguments and rebuttals from a wide array of perspectives

  •   Challenging ideas and opinions

    • Competed in nearly 5debates​

    • Excelled in defending my articulating and defending my key points

    • Trained and skilled in discussions, interactions and understanding complex problems

  • First hand experience in team cooperation ​

    • Attending weekly meetings​

    • Working with over 30 team members to achieve various goals

    • Engaging in groups discussions

    • Sharing and challenges ideas and opinions 

School and County-Wide Article Writer


  • Gathering perspectives

    • Interviewed​ a wide array of students on issues such as the late policy and school restroom conditions

    • Included opposing views in my articles, ensuring all sides of each issue were heard and understood 

  • Writing articles​

    • Developed skills in writing pieces pertaining to pressing issues​

    • Spent hours researching problems and figuring out solutions that could be implemented

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